Want to make money by traveling the world? Help others travel.

Everyone has ‘that friend’ who is constantly posting pictures Instagram and Facebook, pictures of themselves on beaches in different countries, sipping cocktails in hip bars and exploring new sights. Back home, they aren’t exactly killing it with high paying jobs. In fact, they probably don’t even have a job back home. Yet somehow they seem to always be able to afford to constantly travel and not necessarily at the cheapest places.

You might wonder how they do it. Have they secretly won the lottery without telling anyone? That’s possible, but quite unlikely. What’s more likely is that they’ve somehow managed to make a living – and a good one too – out of travelling. These people aren’t necessarily making millions of dollars. Nor do they need to, to live life on their terms. But they’ve found out how to by creating an income stream that you can “tune” up or down to fund their dream lifestyle.

We’re not talking about doing farm work on a working holiday, or teaching English in a foreign country. These are jobs, and they make money, but the distinction is that the money happens to be made while travelling, but not from travelling. Sure, they might do odd jobs from time to time, but that’s not travelling, that’s working.

So, what do they do? They are travel pioneers. They discover new travel opportunities. And they share them. They tell stories. Stories about their travel experiences that others desire to live.

Tell a good story and others will listen

People are wired to respond to stories. There’s a reason why so many people flock to the movies or spend hours reading novels – it’s because we love to get lost in a good story.

But what’s better than hearing a good story, is actually experiencing it.

Create followers that want to learn

First of all, the best travellers reach out to people – they get others to see their story – and they connect with those who want to live the same experience. These days it’s through online social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – you name it. They create followers. Followers who want to live their experience.

One of the things about these experienced travellers is that it there’s a lot of work involved to get right. The typical traveller can’t just jump in and expect to have the same experience. The experiences these travellers have are backed by hours of planning have made all the mistakes to be made.

Help others be part of your journey

Once they’ve travelled, they have something unique and valuable to be shared.  Something others are willing to pay for – they’ve found something they’re good at, share it, helps other learn, and generate an ongoing profit.

How each person does it is precisely different – but there are dozens of sources of revenue – from organising activities, to selling travel guides.

Here are some examples:

  1. Y Travel is travel blog run by couple Caz and Craig who share their stories and tips for travelling with kids. For many, travelling with kids changes the travelling experience completely, as travelling with kids requires looking after them. Despite the challenges, they do it anyways and do it lots, enough to understand the ins and outs, so that their kids can see the world as well. Surely many parents want to do the same for their kids.


They encourage visitors to the blog to subscribe to their newsletter. Through their newsletter they send out recommendations about products or services are genuine useful to travellers with kids. When the subscriber makes a purchase through their newsletter – they receive a commission.


  1. Nomadic Matt takes a slightly different approach. He shares his stories about living like a ‘nomad’ – a traveller who moves from place to place. You’ll find his experience is completely different to Caz and Craig, and shares advice on a different type of travel. He teaches others to travel on a budget and backpack. Ultimately, he encourages others to purchase his book, which provides more detailed tips and tricks which will pay for itself very easily.


Your travel is unique

Everyone has their own unique travel experiences and everyone has a unique story to tell. If you share your experiences in a compelling and authentic way, you’ll find someone who will want to live your experience. If you’re willing to help others live those experience, they will no doubt be willing to give back for your help.