Travelling by train could by the most luxurious way to travel

Why is traveling in train luxurious?

“We aren’t moving houses, are we?” asked my wife.

“Don’t make fun of my luggage. We are traveling by train. Let me pack enough stuff!” I answered.

For the first time, we were going to travel by train. I could pack as much stuff as much as I like.

We all love traveling, and when we think of travelling, we normally think of travelling by air. But, there are many means to travel. Sometimes when you consider other forms of travel, you might find that you’ll get not only a unique experience. One of the safest, cheapest, most reliable and compact way of traveling is by train. Trains are a very big chain of transportation, connecting countries across continents.

Trains have existed long before airplanes. The first use was documented as far back as 600BC in Greek times transporting goods across the Balkans. Since then, they’ve progressed and been used to carry passengers as well. In India, trains are used for daily transport as well as traveling to distant places, running in Metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Most of these are packed to the brims with people. Not just the seats, but people in the cargo hold, the roofs, and even sitting on floor. Not exactly what you would associate with a sign of luxury, but they help them reach the citizens at time safe and sound to their destinations.

While a typical train might be used for your daily commute or for economical travel, train operators are continuously introducing new propositions that put away any bad rep that they might have. At a much lower cost compared to air travel, you can carry how much ever luggage they need, whatever food they want, and have much more space compared to getting on a plane.

Why not just fly?

Most people think of airplanes as the default way of getting to their destination. When it comes to air travel, many say it is the simplest way to travel which saves time, but you’ll be cramped up in discomfort of sitting back in the same place for long hours. You might consider upgrading yourself to business or first class on a flight. For what is couple times the price of what you would pay on coach, you get some extra perks such as a bigger seat, slightly better food and perhaps more attentive service. But ultimately, you just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. If you’re planning on traveling somewhere far and want to enjoy the luxurious of the travel, why not make the travel part of the experience? A holiday deserves many memorable moments. Train travel will offer you that. You won’t be cramped up in your seat but find that you can roam the carriages with various food, entertainment and accommodation, while you enjoy the views on the way to the destination.

The small stuff

Travelling by train can offer a more flexible, pleasant experience.

As mentioned, you could carry a whole set baggage without much trouble and any issues of paying a penalty for your luggage won’t exist.

When you travel by plane, imagine yourself having to arrive two hours early, wait in a long security line, take off your shoes for inspection, or ration out your liquids and gels; doesn’t sound that pleasant right! Only to find that your plane has been delayed and having to wait in the departure lounge for hours. This would never happen if we travel through trains. Arrive 30 minutes ahead of time and walk straight to your platform.

Some trains even have social areas like bars where you can meet and relax with other people on the journey. A great way to make friends on the way.

But really, the benefits go beyond that. It’s the chance to get attentive service combined with great accommodation.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: London to Venice

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, or VSOE, is a private luxury train service from London to Venice and other European cities. Offering 5 star dining in its stylish cabins, it offers a way to have a nice meal, have a goods night rest while travelling through Europe.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

The Golden Eagle runs across mysterious Russia connecting east and west from Moscow over the Urals. Aboard your luxurious private train, you can expect well-appointed en-suite cabins, fine dining and elegant surroundings – no matter where you choose to explore. First-class service is included as standard, with a personal cabin attendant service, available at all times.

The Ghan: Adelaide to Darwin

The Ghan travels between Adelaide to Darwin, letting you take a dive into the heart of the Australian outback while enjoying the comfort and solitude of your private cabin or find yourself in conversation with newfound travelling companions

The Rocky Mountaineer: Banff to Vancouver

The Rocky Mountaineer offers single day trips, on a unique spatious train with large glass windows that let you see the magnificence of the Rockies are you travel through.

Seven Stars of Kyushu

Offering a selection between European or Japanese themed rooms, the Seven Stars of Kyushu is a 3 to 5 day experience that takes you across Japan.


If you enjoy travelling, consider travelling by train. It’s not always about the destination, but also the way we travel and the people we meet on the journey that makes a difference. If you’re not in a hurrying to your destination for a cause but is to enjoy the pleasure of traveling, then travelling by train could be for you.