WorldVentures Fast Start Business Plan

Make your first $600-1000 in your first month

Welcome to WorldVentures. You’re part of this Profitable Travels team because you’ve become a representative through a sponsor who’s already a part of this team. Welcome to the team. Glad that you’re here. We here to help you achieve the dreams you want to achieve.  With WorldVentures you can achieve financial freedom that will let you:

  • Travel the world!
  • Not worry sitting in traffic to get to work
  • Have fun going out without looking at the price tag
  • Buy the car or house that you wanted
  • Maybe buy two houses
  • Spend time on your hobbies
  • Spend more time with you family
  • Throw great parties and events for your friends

Here is our business plan on what you need to do for the first month. In this guide we’ll teach you our system to quickly make $600-1000 in your first month as a representative. This is only your first goal. Many of our representatives who follow this system learn the ropes of being a representatives and end up continuing to building massive businesses with recurring income streams.

Getting Started as a WorldVentures Representative

There’s a lot advanced things that you be getting to know to be a successful representative – compensation plans, representative structures, operational procedures – don’t start reading up on all of that. Forget all of that for now.

It’s tempting to want to learn all about the business you are representing. But none of the detail matters until you’ve gotten your first customers. Where you place someone on your downline doesn’t matter until you actually have someone on your downline.

So I want you to focus on one thing – you need to be out there. Getting customers. Doing.

It’s easy to have an aversion to doing something without 100% understanding. But you will never have 100% understanding. Which means if you wait till you fully understand everything before doing anything, nothing will get done.

We’ll teach you what you need to do grow and scale your business. As it grows the things you need to be do will keep changing. Some of these things might be outside of your comfort zone. It’s easy to do activities that you’re comfortable with, but you need to do activities that are productive and contribute to your business. But by doing new things, you’ll be able to achieve growth in your business. Many have don’t the same, and so can you, if you’re willing to try.

Getting your first customer

Your job as a representative is to sell memberships to the DreamTrips membership club. What does a salesperson do? A salesperson identifies what a customer need and goals, and communicates how the product can help the customer achieve their need and goals. So first of all, let’s review what the DreamTrips membership is:

DreamTrips is a travel club which offers members opportunities to take part on exclusive trips. There are many opportunities only available to group travellers and the club organises trips through avenues unavailable to the general public. This means that club members get access to unique rates and experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible. Club members travel with other like-minded travellers, who, as members of a travel club, share a love for travel. Existing members also receive rewards for recruiting new members, to help expand the membership, so that the club can offer better and more interesting travel opportunities.

As a representative, you’ll want to find people who has a need or a goal, where DreamTrips can help achieve them. We’ll help you with this. You’ll need a pen and paper. Below are a list of ten profiles of people. For each one, think about all the people you know, and write down the name of the person who most fits the profile. You don’t have to be great friends, you just need to know them. Don’t overthink it, write down the first person that comes to your mind.

  1. Someone who is always posting photos of travel on the internet
  2. Someone who spends a lot of money on luxury goods and brand name items
  3. Someone who likes to party, drink, gamble, i.e. has a ‘vice’
  4. Someone who travels for business
  5. Someone who always seems to have a new business idea
  6. Someone who does sales for a living
  7. Someone who attends band gigs or music festivals
  8. Someone who has lots of friends
  9. Someone who doesn’t work a full time job
  10. Someone who has moved between many cities or countries

Overcoming fear

The next step – would be to contact the people on the list. We discussed before that some things you need to do would be outside your comfort zone – and for many this is it. There are many reasons why it could make you uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to sell my family and friends things”

Sales isn’t inherently a bad thing. It’s only bad if you sell them something they don’t need or want or is bad value force them to sign up on the basis of your relationship. However, if you sell them something they need or want and is good value to them, then you’re strengthening your relationship. We’ve helped you identify people who are likely to be interested in the membership, so that they’re most likely to appreciate your effort.

“There’s a high chance they’ll reject me”

No doubt some will reject your offer. In fact we’ve asked you to write down ten names, because many will. There are many reasons why someone might not sign up. They might not have the time to travel in the near future, or they might already have travel booked out for the next. It’s not your fault if they aren’t interested now. But if you tell them about it, it’ll give them something to think about and perhaps they might be interested in the future.

It’ll be a waste of time”

The early days of the business are always the hardest, as it might take a lot of effort for seemingly very little reward. The revenue you get from a single customer isn’t huge, but each customer will bring in recurring revenue. Over time, your business scales and grows and that’s when you’ll reap the rewards.

You’ve already take the steps to signing up to becoming a rep. So follow through and do what you have to do!

Invite them!

Now that you’ve got your list of contacts ready and that you’ve mentally prepared to start connecting with your contacts, it’s time to invite them!

At this point, all you need to get them a chance to meet to you in person. It’s easy if you meet them regularly already, but if not, now’s the chance to reconnect.

Key Tips

  • Don’t start explaining what you are selling until actually meet them in person. They will jump to the conclusion that you only want to make a quick buck out of them and will decline to meet, and you won’t get the opportunity to
  • Don’t spam your friends with links and presentations on email or social networks, chances are they will just ignore it. You need to be able to TARGET your messaging and explain why this product is relevant to them.
  • To succeed, you want to set an appointment to meet your contact in person, so you can fully connect with that person and have a personal conversation.

Invitation Scripts

Warm Text Invite

For someone you are familiar with.
Step 1: Lunch/Coffee/Dinner next Saturday?
I wanted to go to ___________ (Name an interesting or unique place)

Step 2: Confirm date, place and time.

You’re done!

Social Text Invite

For someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, but know socially.

Step 1: Hey there, it’s ______, how’s it going?

Step 2: Discuss current job/hobby/personal life

Step 3: Keen on catching up for Lunch/Coffee/Dinner next Saturday? I know this good place down in the city __________

Step 4: Confirm date, place and time.

Speedy call

  • Be in a hurry
  • Keep it mysterious
  • Confirm the time and date

Hey _______, I recently heard that you’ve gotten a new job / started a new business / completed a degree. Keen on catching up, I’m interested in find out more about it? I’ve been working on a business myself and thought maybe we could share some notes. What do you think about next Saturday?


Handling Responses

Not interested

You’re sure? I’m paying!

What do you want to talk about?

I just wanted to see what you’ve been up to and catch up.

I’m too busy

I have something you might be interested in. It’s visual and it’s best I show you in person as it would be like me trying to give you a haircut over the phone.


Now that you’ve got a meeting, you need to be prepared.

Charge up your laptop and make sure you have some content saved:

  • Introductory Video
  • Presentations – representative overview
  • Presentations – member

You should also print out paper copies of the World Ventures enrolment form.

Make sure you’ve got all these with you when you attend your meeting.

The meeting

Don’t rush

You’re there to hear about what your connection has been up to, so take a moment and catch up about their latest happenings. Remember when you came up with a list of names based on certain traits? Spend some time talking about that particular thing they are interested in, get them to elaborate on that. You’ll find out more


Once you’ve gotten a chance to hear about what they have been doing, start to introduce the product. The best timing is when they’ve just shared something that’s relevant: around travel, interesting experiences, their business, making money.

“Oh, really? I think there’s something that you could be interested in”

They’re interested in business or making money

If its business it’s interested in, focus on the opportunity to become a representative.

  1. What is it?

Selling a product for a company that has been in business for close to 20 years, over $100 billion dollar in sales. You get rewarded for direct sales, but also recurring revenue from membership fees. Finally, as they grow their businesses they can recruit other representatives and be rewarded for coaching and training them.

  1. It’s not difficult

You can have as much commitment you like, it works well alongside your day job and other commitments, while has the potential to grow to a full time multi-million dollar a year business. It only costs less than $300 to be a representative for the first year with no stock to buy, making it one of the cheapest businesses to start.

  1. Can you help?

Let your connection know that YOU will be their WINGMAN when they start their business. While they are in business for themselves, they are not by themselves. They have their support of their sponsor (you!) as well as the Profitable Travels team.

They’re interested in travel and just having fun

If they’re not really interested in starting a business, but just like to travel and have fun, focus on the travel opportunity.

  1. What is it?

A travel club which offers members opportunities to take part on exclusive trips. This means that club members get access to unique rates and experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible. Club members travel with other like-minded travellers, who, as members of a travel club, share a love for travel.

  1. Is it good value

There are many opportunities in the industry only available to group travellers and the club organises trips through avenues unavailable to the general public.

  1. What else can I do?

As a member you can also refer other travel lovers to join the club. As you help the club expand allowing it to deliver more value for its members, your membership becomes free. Meaning you travel for free!

Closing the deal

Once you’ve explained the concept, go over some of the intricacies and go through any details. Ask them if they have any questions. This is where you preparation comes in, you can walk through the presentations and brochures with them. Make sure you’ve answered all their questions.

If they’re still listening so far, you’re doing a good job. Ask them,  ‘sounds like you ready to get started?

The best way to sign up is by a paper form. Get them to fill the form in then and there with them. Let them know there’s a great change of mind policy that lets them change their mind for 60 days if they want to join.

11.5 – Voluntary Cancellation

A participant in this network marketing plan has a right to cancel the Agreement at any time without penalty at any time, regardless of reason by giving fourteen (14) days notice in writing to WorldVentures, provided that if the termination occurs within sixty (60) days from the date the RBS is first made available to the relevant Representative online, WorldVentures will, upon request, refund the purchase of the RBS (Initial and any Monthly Fee paid)

It lets them trial the service. But if they decide it’s not for them, they can change their mind.


There’s also a good chance that they won’t be interested. Typical objections are:

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t have time
  • It sounds like it’s not good value.

Reassure them by empathising with them. That’s what I thought too. But, it turns out…. You need to come up with a personal story about why the club and being a representative works for you. And REASSURE them that you as their sponsor, would be a personal supported of their journey.

If they’re really not keen, don’t fret, let them sit on it. Send them them one of the links:

If they’ve expressed interested in becoming a representative:

If they’re more interested in travelling only:

Replace ‘representatives’ with your representative ID and ask them to click “SIGN UP” at the top of the page.

Training Video Walk Through for All COUNTRIES EXCEPT UK

Training Video Walk Through for UNITED KINGDOM (UK) ONLY

The follow up

Once the meetings over, you should always try to recapture their attention

Send them a short text

  1. Do you want to know any more details
  2. What do you think is stopping you?
  3. Let me know when you’re ready

Be ready to answer any questions or objections they have. Try and reengage them with how you think the opportunity is relevant to their goals, and once again reassure them that you’ll play a role in helping them achieve their goals, as their sponsor.

Don’t be disappointed

If the person doesn’t enrol at all during the meeting, don’t be disappointed. Once again, it’s not your fault. Not everyone you meet is going to enrol.

SW – SW – SW – SW: Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting.

There’s always someone else you can meet, and someone else who’s going to be interested. It’s a numbers game, and if you meet ten people and only one signs up, you’ve succeeded.

Thank the person for being interested, and don’t hassle them further because it’s not going to help change their mind. Instead, focus your relationship with them on other things, and let them see for themselves how WorldVentures has worked for you. They’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Final Steps

Once you’ve succeeded in getting your first couple of customers, you’ve established to yourself that it is possible to run a successful business. Your next step is to continue doing what we’ve taught you, but with a greater list of people.

Consider joining the training events, where you can meet other representatives, exchange stories and understand how different representatives scale their businesses.